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Continuing to Develop your Business

New Year’s Resolutions are but a distant memory as we move into February. If you had plans to get a better relationship with your business or put more passion into your work; how is it going? The thing I’ve noticed is that improvements you make, particularly at work, are not linear. Two steps forward and … Continue reading Continuing to Develop your Business

How Is Your Relationship With Your Business?

Happy New Year from all of us at The Accountancy People.  My theme for the New Year is your relationship with your business: It happens far too often, several times a month.  It needs to be talked about.  There is a secret in the business community that I want to expose.  I speak to … Continue reading How Is Your Relationship With Your Business?

Have yourselves a little passion this Christmas

We recently saw a film created by one of my one of my son’s friends, called ‘Northern lights’ at the new cinema in Oldham. The new cinema is a great venue, if you haven’t been you need to go, the film was moving and accomplished. After the film director was asked how he got time … Continue reading Have yourselves a little passion this Christmas

Autumn Statement: Key Points

We have our first set piece from our new Chancellor on Wednesday, the ‘Autumn Statement’. I’ve had a look at the detail of the tax changes that he is proposing. The overall theme seems to be that tax rates will continue to be lower than in most other countries but they are going to make … Continue reading Autumn Statement: Key Points

Currency Wars and Inflation

One of the areas that is having a direct impact on us all as a result of all this political upheaval is the movement in the currency markets – how much the £ is worth against the $ and the Euro. If you’d prefer to listen to my thoughts on this rather than read on, … Continue reading Currency Wars and Inflation

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